Along the way…

It was Friday. We didn’t have such a long day as yesterday, which was good. I couldn’t help sometimes to think back about how I studied back then in University of Tampere. In a systematic way, that period gave me pretty much everything I know now in Finnish. It would have been different if I tried harder. But I would have gone here anyway, because there’s no other better chance.

I got much more homework than previously. People were asking what I’m going to do during the weekend. I said I would clean up my room and do my homework on Saturday, and I haven’t decided yet what to do on Sunday. Even saying so, I think it will be dedicated to studying Finnish. I don’t want to be left behind and not be able to catch up.

After having lunch with Sofia, I tried to finish the Kela papers and gave it to Monica so she can send them away within today. I went to my room afterwards and took a nap of about 45 minutes (I don’t normally do this, but I’m quite tired these days). At 2p.m, Edgars gave Effy and I a ride to near the center, then he left to Hanko. Effy and I went to S and K-market for me to buy some stuffs. We talked a lot. I discovered that she likes Korean music and movies/dramas, too. So happy!

Effy + the first person who talked to me in Lärkkulla.

I thought there would be nothing left for us from coffee time, but actually there was. We saw Daria and Victoria (Vikky) sitting by the windows in the Dining Hall, so we ran to meet them. It was around 3p.m or more. Then I stayed there until nearly 6p.m. Daria, Vikky, Effy, and Diana, they came and went, while I just stayed and talked to whoever who was there at the time. There were still desserts and tea, so it was actually relaxing and enjoyable.

Cooking dinner after a week of not cooking is hard, especially when I don’t have enough kitchen tools nor ingredients. I cooked rice by a pot because I didn’t have the rice cooker with me, and it turned out to be a disaster. It took me pretty long to finally get everything done. The only light in the darkness was when Ilya came to the kitchen to boil water for his tea. He stayed there to talk to me, and let me listen to the music in his iPod. It felt kind of nice.

I told him to not be afraid of talking to other people, but he went away when Daria came and joined us. The living room was filled up with people soon after (not only the usual “residents”, but also 2 more guests from Effy). I tried to finish the overload dinner, and went to my room. There’s nothing wrong with being surrounded by other people, but I also need my very own comfortable space.

The Internet connection is really bad. Sometimes Lärkkulla doesn’t even appear in the list of network (in which it is actually the only one). I have been thinking can I ask to stop using Lärkkulla Internet connection and buy a 3G usb stick from DNA to use. This is getting very frustrating.

And this is now time to sleep. I love my bed! Let’s hope I can sleep over 6:30a.m.


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