A plan is just a plan.

I managed to wake up at 9a.m, although my biological clock woke me up at 5a.m and I was awake after every hour. Because of that, I had breakfast late and also lunch late. As a result, I didn’t to go to the library in the center on time to pick up the Suomen Mestari book that I ordered. Domino effect, yes. However, unexpectedly luckily, Vikky showed me a shop to buy some office supplies. I bought a folder (to put in all the papers the teachers give us), a puncher (to make paper holes), a notebook (it’s actually just some papers sticking together which cost only 60 cent, so I can memorize words by writing a lot), and some sticky notes in different sizes (to note on papers, in notebook, and maybe for food in the fridge if it’s ever needed). In the end, I didn’t have to go to the bookstore (which I don’t know where it is) for all those things.

I also visited S-market to buy some more things I need in the kitchen. It is weird that I always think I don’t need much of anything, but it turns out I  need much more every time. Jen used the phrase “living simply” in her blog today, which reminded me how important it is to be satisfied with whatever I currently have and see the difference between what I need and what I want. To live comfortably without stressing out too much now, is definitely what I should learn.

Coming to a warm room after walking for a long time in the rain made me sleepy. I slept for about an hour and a half, then I woke up to cook dinner. Ilya already finished cooking for himself, but we still got to talk a little bit when I cooked while he was washing the dishes. He also gave me a book in English to read. Although I don’t have much free time now, I will try to read it bits by bits. On the back cover of the book, it’s said “A story of love and uncertainty – a story of women fighting to fulfill their dreams”. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

In the evening, I chatted with Lam. I didn’t ask how people in Full House are doing at all. Honestly, I don’t want to know. It has become like a rose with thorns to my heart. The sweetness was there, and so was the bitterness. I don’t want it to continue having effects on me. It was enough. Whatever happens, I won’t want to know.

I also talked to Rose. It went from the 3G usb, to the tiny plants I asked her to take care of before I left Valkeakoski, to how I have been studying here, to our plans for the future. At some point in the past, I thought we wouldn’t talk to each other. It was simply a misunderstanding, but I didn’t want to explain it myself. Time passed by. Maybe it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s fine, how we are now.

So planning is just planning. A day can be totally different with how it was planned. But tomorrow, I will be sure to do my homework. That’s a must.

Roses. Rain. Window. It was actually a beautiful day.


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