A little bit of push.

. I’m quite into roses recently. One more thing I use that has rose fragrance in it is Comfort concentrate fabric conditioner. It reminded me of the time when we first moved to our current home in Hanoi, and I used to hang the clothes in summer nights (mostly with Hang during her stay, and one time with my cousin Kien). Familiar things in the past are dear.

. I decided to spend time more in the living room than in my room. At first it was only because the Internet connection outside is better, but then it turned out to be pretty fun with other people. At some point, we were all doing our homework out there. Felt really nice. Ilya joined us, too. He talked to more people and he seemed to have more fun than previously. Maybe he’s not very shy. He just needs a little push.

. It was such an accomplishment to be able to finish all the homework. It took quite a long time and lots of effort. It will take much more than this to be able to do these exercises in the exams if they are going to have something similar. Keep trying, Chi!

. Thinking about Dream High while living here. : D


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