Getting used to.

It’s Monday. So I have been here for more than a week. It feels kind of long, but I know time will pass by fast.

It’s either because I was already prepared or because I’m getting used to studying like this, that I understood things being said in the class more than I did last week. Even I didn’t have enough sleep last night, I didn’t have too bad of a headache neither. Feelin’ good about it. I was thinking of learning more new words today, but I’m quite sleepy now that I believe it won’t work very well. Frankly speaking, since I’m done with homework, I’ll just wait for sleeping time.

I have decided to write some emails, then it will be bed time.

Olen onnellinen. : )

Being at the new corner, because the Internet connection in the room is too bad. Sometimes it doesn’t work here neither, but it’s still better and it’s cozy. : )


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