It felt much lighter today since we only had class in the morning. Although I was extremely sleepy at the beginning, it turned out that I was quite awake as the lesson went by. I didn’t even need to go to sleep after lunch as I thought I would.

In the afternoon after the coffee break, I went to the center. I was absolutely in happy mood while walking in the wind, in the sunshine, and listening to IU’s music. Gorgeous weather today.

Rose on the way. I think I’m going to take all sort of roses in Karjaa. : D

I ordered Suomen Mestari in the library so I went there to pick it up. I borrowed 2 dictionaries (English-Finnish, and Finnish-English) by the way. And because my Internet connection was horrible, I decided to sign the contract to use the 3G usb stick with DNA in the nearby phone service office. It doesn’t cost much more than the wireless connection in Lärkkulla anyway. If they can fix the connection within 14 days, I can return the usb. If not, I will continue using it because it’s much more stable and faster. Ah, I also went to Latvala to look for something to clean my laptop (screen and keyboard).

Some more little suns for a sunny day : )

Another rose – shining brightly in the sunshine ~

Autumn is here.

I met Khoa on the way back to Lärkkulla. Walking and talking at the same time made the way seem shorter. He visited the secondhand shop but I didn’t because I was carrying at least 2 heavy dictionaries.

Met this lovely dog. He looked like a jumping fur ball from afar. : D

After dinner, I finished doing my homework, and I went out to watch people playing volleyball. It was cold because the sun disappeared, but it was fun to look how they played. I didn’t intend to play at all because I would just mess it up and hurt myself. -.-”

It rained after a while, so we went inside and I studied some more Finnish with Daria and Rita. It was hilarious! It reminded me of yesterday, when Daria was making a fuss because she thought she lost her key somewhere. Vikky went with her to look for it, and it turned out that Daria left the key at the lock of the door! When both of them came back to the living room, Daria was saying things that both Vikky and I didn’t understand. She seemed high! Very happy and couldn’t stop : D. I told her to go to sleep, saying she needed a break. Vikky supported me: “A really long break!”. So then Daria left. It went quiet. And after a while, we heard her voice: “Hey!”. We couldn’t help but burst out laughing! Daria was back!

Anyway. They are watching Inception now. I will go to sleep. It’s getting very late again, and I won’t have time for a nap during the day tomorrow.


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