Something new.

We had Finnish only in the morning again. It felt kind of short, but I’m not going to complain because I will have a whole long day tomorrow. Even though it was short, the homework is not easy at all. I’m really not good at writing. I don’t know how to make a word, and I don’t know how to put the words to order :”(. Mikko helped me though. I’ve been receiving lots of help from my Finnish friends. Hopefully they’re not going to be too scared of explaining Finnish when they get to see me.

Since Greger was not in Karjaa and therefore there was no class in the auditorium from him, I went with Sofia to her house and pick some apples. I thought back a bit about how I used to go to pick apples with friends in Valkeakoski, but I am here in Karjaa now and old time is only to be remembered.

This is Sofia. She’s very kind. When she said she wants to be a nurse or something similar along that line, I thought it would definitely suit her well.

Lily at Sofia’s house. So pretty and so fragrant!

Then I came back to Lärkkulla to study piano with Patricia. I studied from the basics because all the things I knew was from too long ago and I don’t remember anything anymore. I learned by heart the song Dean taught me, and I forgot most of it already. For an hour, Patricia taught me some theories, and I practiced a little bit. She said I was good. : D

The coffee break was soon after. I sat with Erik and Khoa outside, and Hannes (I think that’s his name. He’s the one that looks like one of my friends in secondary school.) joined us. It’s a bit unusual because the music students often sit together at one table and we rarely communicate during meals/coffee break. But it was nice, really. ^^

When I came back to my room, I felt so sleepy that I couldn’t really do anything. I went out to practice piano a bit more in the library, then I continued watching A Gentleman’s Dignity (again!). At some point, I couldn’t resist and I went to sleep. It was only for about half an hour.

Dinner was next (met a new Russian guy here), then sauna, then homework, then I started writing and I should stop to go to sleep now. Yeah, that’s it.


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