Unexpected “friend”.

I don’t know what I did wrong yesterday, but I started getting sore-throat this morning. Then I also got slight fever every now and then during the day, plus a running nose. I have been feeling out-of-energy ever since I woke up.

Well, but I managed to go to all the classes and got out survived. Maybe I should be proud of myself.

There are 2 things I remember the most from today. One is Maija said something about good things coming when a brown butterfly flies into the house (that’s what I guessed from her while a brown butterfly flew into our classroom and she explained something in Finnish). Second is 12 Angry Men was good. It was about murder, but I didn’t feel heavy at all. It delivered its message in a very smart way. Unexpectedly, I liked it a lot. We will need to write review about it and give it to Nick next Thursday. Writing reviews is not my strength… I’ll try though.

My running nose is turning to blocking nose. I should go to sleep.

There was a very beautiful view at the window when we were watching the movie, but I didn’t bring my camera so I came back afterwards. The view was not the same anymore, so I was looking around to take some other ones. This one I just took randomly, and it turned out okay. : )


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