A gentle autumn afternoon.

I can talk again today. Although my throat hasn’t been back to its normal state yet and I cough more often, it’s not as sore as before. I had a bad headache this morning when I woke up and it lasted until recently, but it’s kind of okay now. The nose is sometimes running, sometimes blocking. Well, as long as I can still breathe by both sides of the nose, I’m contented.

A short while ago, I suddenly realized that yesterday I didn’t do my homework in the evening in the living room with other people. It has become a habit that I feel like missing something when I don’t do it. I was thinking of coming back to that habit today, then I remember I’m still sick and it’s better to stay inside the room. Everyone has been really nice to me. I shouldn’t create any chance to get them sick also. I should recover soon.

It has been a rotation of raining and sun-shining through the day. I don’t remember seeing such a quick shift of the weather elsewhere. Maybe I did, but not as fast as how it is here. Or maybe it is just me. Anyway, I got a quick round of walking outside the main building. It was right after a short pour of rain, and the sun was shining brightly. I could even see the water evaporating from the ground. After taking some shots with my camera, I came to sit on a bench outside the Dining Hall. I closed my eyes, felt the warmth of the sun covering all around, and felt myself to be totally at ease.

Red + Yellow + Green. Aren’t they the best combination?

There was a person who was warmer than the sunshine. For a little while, it was real. We lost it.

Don’t be scared, they said. Still, I am.

But maybe it’s not as scary as the thought of not being able to find that one person who’s worth for everything.


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