It has gotten to the past tense and I’m going crazy over it. I don’t know how Mikko K. could see me as “enjoying” the process while I think I’m going to be bald soon. It was such a nightmare to do the homework, and Effy and Daria even said congratulations to me when I was done. Still don’t know how I can get the hang of it…

Other than that, things have been good. Although Sofia was away (she’s in Cyprus now! How jealous!), I managed to go through the class with not many problems. I also practiced piano there a little bit because there’s a piano in the classroom.

We studied together again in the living room, 3 in Swedish study corner (Vikky, Edgars, and Rina) and 3 in Finnish study corner (Effy, Daria, and I).  Didn’t really know how it was going in the Swedish group, but we had lots of fun!

I think she’s prettier when she smiles, but she seems to like this pose.

Daria making fun face : D

Being sweet ~ ^^

Swedish study corner : D

Gotta go to sleep soon. I slept only 6 hours yesterday. Bad, bad, bad.


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