Beautiful day. But I’m tired.

We listened to a Finnish song today in class and tried to fill the blanks in the lyrics. It was a funny song, so it helped to wake me up a little bit. Then we went through the homework. It was a lot, so we only had a bit of time left to talk in pairs before lunch.

Since we had class only in the morning, I planned to go to the center but then I went to sleep instead for about an hour (Didn’t want to leave it at all. It was really warm and comfortable). Since Rita, Daria and a new Russian girl (I don’t know how to write her name. She’s very pretty! It’s like Lärkkullä attracts all the pretty girls here!) were going to the center after afternoon coffee, I went with them. We visited Latvala (again! : D This time I discovered some new stuffs. I had to tell myself “You were fine before you know it, Chi!” several times and tried to walk away as fast as possible), the pharmacy, a sport shop which I didn’t visit before (they sell yoga mats for 25€ each. I also walked away from it. :”(), a shoes shop, Lidl (for me to look for frozen squid, but it doesn’t seem to be available here in Karjaa T___________T), and S (for the girls to buy ice-cream).

I met Jussi coincidentally in S. After 2 sentences in English, he started talking to me in Finnish again. It’s not particularly a bad thing. It’s good, even. Just that, when I was sick and tired, he still talked to me in Finnish (even Swedish!) : D. I’m normally slow already, so imagine what happens when my brain screams for rest! : D

Autumn sunshine. Must enjoy it while it lasts.

The weather was nice, so I don’t know why I got quite a bad headache at some point of the trip. When we had dinner, I felt really tired and a bit dizzy. I also got a light fever again, and my throat got worse. It got a bit better than I watched 12 Angry Men again with Daria and Effy in my room. It helped with writing the review. I finished writing it, so there’s no need to do it tomorrow. Yay! Well, then there came the nightmare with homework. I’m not sure if I did those correctly. What’s good is that there’s no writing homework for today. Phew ~

It’s 11:30p.m already. Unbelievable. Dear my bed, I’m coming to you. Love love love you so much these days!


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