Sleep, I need you!

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I don’t know whether it was because of lack of sleep or what, but I had a headache again. Anyway, I managed to go to class normally. Since it was only in the morning, it didn’t feel too bad. We studied how to make past tense verbs in negative. It looks easy.

After lunch we had the general info session in the auditorium. Jussi talked about the upcoming trip from 24th to 26th this month. It sounds interesting indeed. I’m just worried because I don’t bring along many clothes with me here, and it will be troublesome if it rains or I get wet from participating outdoor activities. I don’t have clothes for that purpose. It will be even more troublesome if I get sick again. Hmmmm, let’s see what I can do. The hairdryer might be useful.

He also talked about forming the Student Council this year. I was wavered a little bit, then I stayed firm with the decision of not applying. My main reason for being here is to study Finnish and I haven’t been doing it well enough, I should not look out for things. Stay focus.

Greger talked about going swimming in Lohja as a group of people who want to. Not my thing, sadly : D.

Then I went to study piano with Patti (I will call Patricia Patti from now on). It gets difficult already. Looking at the paper, reading the notes, fitting it to both right hand and left hand – doing all of these at the same time is not an easy task. I admire the pianists more now. 8->

Patti told me to not feel pressured, just enjoy. I need to remember this, because I have an urge of trying to learn fast and well. It ruins the pleasure that way. Remember to relax and enjoy, that’s it.

I intended to sleep a little bit before the afternoon coffee, but I couldn’t for some reason. So I stayed under the blanket, only to feel how warm it was.

I joined Erik, Aleksei, and Philip during afternoon coffee. I knew they wouldn’t stay for long, and they sat next to the windows. It was not like I had anything against them. I simply wanted to sit next to the windows, alone, for a while. After being around and getting acquaintance with as many people as I could, I wanted to quiet down a little bit.

Then I went to the center, alone again. It was raining, but I didn’t mind. I went to find the spray and the cloth to clean the screen of the laptop, but they were all expensive. I also went to K-market to check if they have frozen quid there. Unfortunately, it seems it cannot be found anywhere in Karjaa :”(. I will need to think of other dishes for the weekend. I bought cauliflower, grapes, and oyster sauce. Cauliflower was cheap, and so was grape because I have K-market card. Oyster sauce came as a surprise. I was just trying my luck, but they really do have oyster sauce as well as fish sauce. I truly hope it can increase my appetite. And the tea section was not bad neither. I think I will visit K-market more often. Try to utilize the K-market card as much as I can : D (although they sent me some discount coupons and I couldn’t understand even a word because it was in Swedish :-<).

Coincidentally, I met Jussi again. This time he talked to me in English : D. I also met Maija on the way back. It would definitely be Finnish if we talked. That would be interesting. : D

I had sauna in the evening. It was much hotter than usual, weirdly. Both Rolken and Diana went out frequently because it was too hot. I went out twice, the second time was for taking shower. So I had sauna in total of 45 minutes, still the same with previously. When I left, some Finnish girls and Rita came. What a pity. We might have had chance to get to know each other more.

I had only one homework, but it was tough. It was such a relief every time I finish doing homework. Will it ever be a time when I wake up and suddenly understand all the complicated rules? ~

And now, it’s my favorite time of the day at my most favorite corner: sleeping warmly and comfortably on bed! ❤

I love this corner the most. ❤


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