Need to have the will.

In the morning, Anna got us to practice talking in the format of the YKI test which will be the goal for the end of this course. It felt like studying at ACET again, this time in Finnish. I don’t remember it being so hard back then with English though. I’m not at this speaking level yet. Although I understand more in class and I’m also better at reading, I’m still lost most of the time. Then in the afternoon, Maija reminded us of something important: this is hard work, and attitude makes the difference. “I can do this. I like it”. That’s how it should go. I need to stop saying “En voi puhuu”. : )

In the Film Club, we watched A History of Violence. It’s an interesting movie, but not my type. I had avoided to not watch any heavy movies for a while because I just want things that are bright and beautiful (Well, it can be sad, but it has to be exceptionally good, like Bu Bu Jing Xin). After some long hours of studying Finnish, I didn’t want a movie with scenes of bloody shooting and heavy emotions. It will be more difficult to write review this time.

Oh, there was something funny today. It was cute, so I think I will just put it here. We were given a story of a pair that wanted to get married. In the texts, there was a part when the priest asked the bride and the groom whether they agreed to the marriage. Erik sat next to me today. When he came back to his seat after the break, he said: “Odota”, then looked for the paper and read from it: “Tahdotko sinä Erik ottaa tämän Chi vaimoksesi ja rakastaa häntä myötä- ja vastoinkäymisissä?”. It brought laughs to everyone around us at the time. : D

Another lack-of-sleep night, then it will be weekend!!!!

Some drops of power-up every now and then. : ) ❤


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