Losing colors.

Saw this contrasting scene out of the window this morning.

My throat was worse today all of sudden. Again, I don’t remember doing anything wrong to cause it. I had Strepsils, I drank blackcurrant juice, I had a scarf to keep my neck warm at night. Really weird.

During the class, Khoa had the presentation about Vietnamese culture, and Kennedy had about Kenya. The presentations themselves were not long, but we spent a whole lot of time for questions and answers. 5 days from now, I will also need to give a presentation. I wonder how well I will do.

Got to know this fun song from Kennedy:

Then I slept a bit after lunch. Enjoyed my afternoon tea. Went to the center to buy food for the night and the weekend.

When all other flowers are starting to wither…

Green is fading. Yellow and red are bright, but why does autumn feel sad?

It was raining when I walked back. The wind was strong. The umbrella Sofia gave me may not last long if it keeps up. I miss my dear Sky umbrella. It’s in Valkeakoski now, of course.

I cooked instant noodle for dinner, with onion, tomato, egg, and lettuce. I have been trying to cook good food for myself so eating doesn’t come with too much of effort. I don’t have much appetite. Strangely, during 9p.m onwards, I want to eat nonstop. Especially today, when it’s cold and the rain keeps falling, I feel like starving to see photos of warm and delicious Vietnamese food my friends post to facebook. Such a torture! Gotta go to sleep to forget how much I want to eat now (it’s already past 11p.m!).


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