No point to be worried, but still…

We listened to some more presentations about culture today. I don’t know why I didn’t get this feeling before, but I suddenly wanted to travel to those places. My mood was good during the class.

Then it started going really down when 2 Vietnamese students said their residence permits may be cancelled because studying language in Lärkkulla doesn’t lead to any degree. I wonder how it is with my situation. My plan is to study here until next May, and I will apply to be back to HAMK for the next academic year. However, if I cannot renew my visa with the admission letter from Lärkkulla, it will be a real trouble. Together with having no money, it becomes even more serious. Of course it is logical for me to stay because HAMK already said it is possible for me to apply for extension of study right, but who knows what may come? I will need to go to the police station to ask when I have time. I need to go to Helsinki, too. I forgot to take out the passport when I washed my bag 2 weeks ago, so yeah. Stupid fee. That’s what I call it.

Mikko K. helped me with doing the homework again. It might be better to have someone who can explain why the words change the way they do, but I kind of like the way I do now. Studying alone and asking for help when I need, at my own pace. It came to my realization that I’m quite easy to be distracted. Studying out there in the living room is fun, but I can drag on being there forever.

This is the bear Mikko K. gave me as a present after he was in Korea. It reminds me of Goong. It’s for the mobile phone but my mobile doesn’t have a place for it, so I use it for the room key.

I hope the sun will shine tomorrow.


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