The sun shined, indeed.

When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t feel to be as annoyed as I was when I went to sleep last night. My mind was light, actually. It’s never a good thing to store negative feelings inside.

The sun indeed shine today as I wished yesterday. No need to say how much it helped with my mood. The classes went by smoothly, although I couldn’t concentrate 100% as usual because of the thoughts with visa issue. I also went to the Finnish for Beginners (Finnish from the beginning/Alkeissuomi) class. After going there, I prefer my class at the moment, because the speed is much faster, and we seem to have closer bond together. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t like the Alkeissuomi class. There are many things I don’t know and it’s good to study from the start. In this class, I get to learn many vocabularies, which is definitely the thing that I need. Things are repeated and therefore it helps me remember better. We don’t have that much time in Continuous Finnish (Jatkosuomi) class. I think I will keep coming also to this Alkeissuomi on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons when I don’t have Jatkosuomi and piano lessons.

After the coffee afternoon, John wanted to go to the center so Khoa and I joined him. We met Rolken and Khalid at the door so we all went together. It was fun! The day was too beautiful to stay indoor.

When summer meets autumn ~

My achievement for today is to take pictures of Olga and Vlad. I don’t have much to talk about Vlad, but I like Olga a lot. I got to talk to her when we were in the same group in class (Khoa was also with us). She didn’t know English very well, but we were still able to communicate and actually had fun. She seems to be a soft and elegant kind of person. Whenever I see her and Vlad, I think this couple is kind and gentle toward each other. They create nice feeling.

Olga and Vlad. I like Olga’s eyes in the first picture, but I prefer the feeling from the second one. Furthermore, the second picture shows her hairdo (which I love! <3) clearer. She appears blurred there though, must be because she was moving :”(.

Oh, and Sofia came back to class today. We didn’t have much time to talk plus she decided to not going to Houtskär (sad, sad, sad!), but she’s here now at least. : D


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