Although today is Sunday, I woke up early. I did the laundry and cleared up the room at the same time, so both of them was in order by noon. Cooking was a challenge because I didn’t buy enough meat. It was raining cats and dogs, and I had no intention to go shopping for food. In the end it turned out just fine. Sometimes, it is good to be pushed out of the ordinary.

I don’t remember much of what I did in the afternoon… Well, I did practice piano. I’ve gotten better at Twinkle Little Star. However, one thing came to my mind: I should not try too hard. When it was at the point I think I should stop and that was it for the day, it was indeed the limit. If I continue, I will only get frustrated. Ah, I also got back to Piano for Dummies. I read it back then when I practiced piano with Dean. When I stopped practicing with him, I also stopped reading it. I hope I won’t drop it out in the middle again.

I will go for the school trip from tomorrow until Wednesday, so there will be no post during those days. I will still bring my camera along with me, but let’s see how much I can have it used because I will participate in a lot of outdoor activities. Sofia said she checked the weather forecast and it seems to not rain (yes, please!), but who can be sure of the nature?

I’m pretty sure I will lose weight after these 3 days. Better meeting my dear bed now to gain some energy before the trip.


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