The leaves are turning yellow and red.

*This post is for 22 September.

My mood is kind of down today. The sun was shining sometimes, but not for long. When I went out for a walk, it seemed to be colder than it showed on the thermometer (20°C). I was wearing much more than I usually do in autumn. I already put on the coat that I would normally take out for early winter. The headache only disappeared when I was warmed up inside the room.

I was annoyed in the evening. When I told Mikko K. that people should have learned to have some manners, to be more considerate towards others when they reach a certain age, he laughed. He thought it was cute for me to think some people learn manners. Well, I guess some people don’t.

The bright thing of the day must be when I played piano. I got the hang of Twinkle Little Star. Some more practices and I will be able to play it. ❤


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