A full day.

. The interview went by okay. I didn’t think much, just said it out whatever came to my mind. I didn’t pay attention to the camera because it would definitely distract me, yet it seemed I didn’t make my point clearly. Anyway. When we came back to class in the afternoon, Maija said we are “televisiotähdet”. Jussi also greeted me “Terve tähti!” at the coffee break when we met. Overall, it was a new experience. Munin said it was exciting, which was good. If I were her, I wouldn’t be able to answer the questions in Finnish.

. Munin gave Khoa and I a ride to the center. We didn’t go to the post office because I realized I forgot the paper at home (dummy!). Instead, we went to the library, Latvala, pharmacy, Lidl, and S. I borrowed The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro (the author of Never Let Me Go which I’m very much in love with) and The Secret Garden by F. Hodgson Burnett. I bought 3 pens (red, black, and blue) and paid in total of 50 cent (simply because I wanted to have a red pen). Bought a new night moisturizer. Wanted to buy cantaloupe melon in Lidl but they ran out of it. Showed the face washes to Khoa to give him some more options to choose from in S. Then we walked back to school. We talked about lots of things, so the way (again) didn’t seem to be long. Then it was dinner.

. When I was in class, I looked at Maija and I wondered how much she must have loved this job. She’s smiley and attentive. She’s with us all the time. And it was not only her. Anna is like that, too. We skip class whenever, but they don’t. We can be bored, be tired, and show it, but they don’t. Obviously knowledge is not the only thing we learn from them.

. So glad that Dean and his friends won first place in the K-pop Dance Cover Competition in Helsinki. Kind of miss the dancing lessons with him…


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