Strangely calm.

. I was waken up at around 5 in the morning. On Sunday. I came out, knocked on the door next to my room. After 3 times, it was opened. Same old story repeated for the nth time. Apologies, understood, and jokes and laughs again when the doors were closed.

People shouldn’t say sorry when they don’t mean it. If they do mean it, they should have acted differently. Otherwise, saying sorry doesn’t mean anything. Nobody respects it.

. I was finally able to sleep again when the noises quieted down. It didn’t go straight and smooth though. No surprise, since I was annoyed and sad. The dreams were not nice neither. It has been going from a nice time with a warm bed and a comfortable sleep to some sort of torturing session when it’s necessary to sleep. I don’t want to write about unhappy things and especially people who make me unhappy, but this time is exceptional. I hate each and every single person who disturbs my sleep, no matter how nice and bright that person could be. Simple request: go somewhere else where there’s no people to disturb, or where people accept that kind of behavior. Go to the Dining Hall for example. Or wherever, just leave me alone with my sleep. Seriously, I need to sleep everyday, including weekend.

. Even so, I was strangely calm when I woke up. The sun was shining. Posts from “and love tells us, humming”. IU videos and photos. Shooting Stars by Owl City. Some other beautiful MVs, both new and old. Piano practice went smoothly, too. The piano in the library is my favorite. I was not completely at ease, but I was fine.

. “It’s not about you anymore”.

: )

Bird. Sunshine. Snowfall. An afternoon some days ago, on the first day of snow.


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