Pleasure in learning.

わたしは にほんごを べんきょう します。

. Ui agreed to teach me Japanese, and we started our first lesson today. I was determined to not study any other languages than Finnish during this period (because I’m afraid of getting mixed up), but Japanese is too hard to resist. I’ve wanted to learn it for a really long time. Now that I have the chance, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

Ui is a good teacher. She’s patient, and her writing is adorable. We have nice atmosphere and good spirit.

. In Finnish class, we talked about what we would like to do if we won a big sum of money from lottery. Since everybody mentioned already what I also wanted to do (visiting family in their countries, setting up their own businesses, buying their own houses), I said I would want to buy a cat. It put smiles to everyone’s faces. Maija said it’s very cute.

. Knitting and piano practice are also on the way, slowly but firmly.

. I have awesome teachers, and so everything I learn from them feels magically beautiful.

The day was warm.


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