Unreal somehow.

. It was foggy the whole day. The lazy Sunday afternoon passed by with old music flowing in the air and a book in my hands. Dim light. Warm bed. I fell asleep at some point.

. I have been keeping updated with news and photos of my nephew. He looks so small and adorable. It saddens me thinking I can’t be in France this Christmas with them. It would have been the best birthday gift.

Babies. There’s something really fascinating about them.

And my sister. I’m so proud of her.

. Thought of my sister and our cousins. Thought of the summer nights when we lied on the rooftop and looked at the stars, the family-gathering evenings, the lazy noon in which we would just sleep to our hearts’ content, the candies from our grandfather, our grandparents’ garden which was full of lime and sugar-apple trees, the mornings when I would sweep the courtyard and I don’t remember why I would, the river near the place,… We have grown up and also grown apart..

. Owl City’s songs from Ocean Eyes album brought me back to November 3 years ago. I remember the girls coming to my place, we baked and celebrated my birthday. I also came to Pajutie and stayed over for a night. The speaker in my laptop didn’t work and it took me a while to realize I could use the Logitech speakers to play music from my iPod. And I would listen to Ocean Eyes songs over and over again.

. Somebody was playing Comptine d’un autre été L’après midi outside and I wondered where our time went to.


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