. On Wednesday, Sofia gave me one of the cups in Muumi series. Because the girl on the cup has green eyes (with black hearts in them), flowers on her head, wearing a dress, smiling and spreading hearts/love around, I said I liked it. And so it became a surprising and heart-warming early birthday present.

On the same day, Pati taught me how to play the Happy Birthday song.

. I found out that I lost my knife (my mother bought it for me for my trip to Finland), spoon (I bought it in IKEA a long while with Duc), and scissor (Truc gave it to me before my trip to Karjaa). I put a note to the kitchen and asked around, but nobody knew where they are. Later on, Kirill said somebody took egg(s) from his egg box in the fridge. I wonder what was going on, would it continue in the future. In any case, I need to be more careful from now on. Wouldn’t imagine to lose anything in Finland, but well…

. On Thursday, I made cold spring roll with Sofia’s help. Two of us and Erik and Khoa had dinner together. We talked about the fact that people come and go, the fact that we will be here in Lärkkulla with each other for a short while and then we go our separate ways and who knows when we will meet again.

Do we treasure our time together enough?

Anyway. We had pomelo and Erik’s chocolate biscuit as desert.

Then Sofia had to go home to feed the dog and take them out for a walk. Erik, Khoa, and I continued with watching Battleship.

. I didn’t do much on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The days were beautiful, but I felt utterly lonely. I had doubts on everything, I’m scared of many things. One night I cried so much that my nose was blocked, I had to walk back and forth and finally fell asleep thanks to tiredness. At least the blanket was warm and I had a nice dream about cats.

. I’ve turned 24 according to Vietnam time. Older and not any wiser, still the same fears through the years…


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