. The echo of my birthday still continues. Ui gave me a present, which really surprised me. I didn’t expect anything at all so then I was honestly happy and excited. It was made in Japan. Ui said it is a “incense container”, people usually use it to contain dry powder-scented bark and leaves. She doesn’t use it for that purpose though, but to store accessories. I think I will also use it like she does. I like its packaging, plus the box itself (a box in a box : D) is green which makes it all the more special. A green birthday present that was made in Japan, how can I not love it?

This made my day. ❤

. Talking about my birthday again, we had a joke with Anna yesterday. I don’t remember how she got to know it, but then she was asking me about the Happy Birthday song in Finnish. Erik had to jump in and told her before anything happened : D that we sang it twice the day before so we wouldn’t need to do it again. We came to joke that we could sing it with her, and we would sing it with Maija also. What an idea! : D

. Another birthday-related thing is that when I was asked by Maija about what is my most beautiful memory in my life, I answered “my birthdays when I was with my family”. I actually didn’t think much, it just came out. Probably because it was the truest thought.

. There were other beautiful and fun things which were not birthday-related, too, of course. We watched a video in the class about being single in the morning. While talking about money (definitely related), we had great fun when Khoa stated that it is “iso vain, aina toimi” (big key, always works). I couldn’t stop laughing! This boy is so precious. I need to believe things will work out fine for him. And for me, too.

. Pati taught me a song named Mighty Moose today. It’s always an amazing feeling when the notes from both hands start connecting to each other to create a beautiful melody. Time flies fast when I enjoy it. They are both great, the song, and my teacher.

. I continued reading The Secret Garden again in the afternoon. I felt happy when I read it. It made me want to strive for the better and live my life more energetically.

. I was in sauna with Olga and we talked in Finnish. The good thing is that she doesn’t speak English and she reminds me to get back to Finnish when I start talking in English again. I could barely managed to deliver what I wanted to say, but at least I tried and learned and remembered. Aurora and Mette came sometime later, which was nice. Not only because we would have more chance to talk in Finnish in real situations, but also because they are nice people. Additionally, the more the merrier.

. New habit: cleaning up the room before going to sleep (mostly putting things to their places). It feels better to sleep in a neat and tidy room.


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