Cast the positive spell.

I talked briefly to Effy today at lunch and it threw me back to sadness. I knew from the beginning that she will go back to Russia in November, but there’s no way to get away from the sadness when it comes for real. We can only count on the fact that she will be back. As Jussi said, the last 3 months went by fast, so the next 3 ones will go by fast, too. Before we know it, we will meet again.

Olga and Vlad will also go. I don’t like to think of the empty seats in our class at all. But they will be back. I look forward to that already. I really do.

Talking about them, I remember we were talking about what to buy from the clothing shop to practice using partitive form in Finnish. When it came to Olga and Vlad and Munin, the direction of the talk was changed to name of clothes and parts of them, like how to call the 2 strings of a crop-top (spagetti?) and so on. Vlad was sitting in between them, turning his head from one side to another. When he noticed other people were just being quiet and listening to the girls, he smiled and explained: “This is important stuff”, showing his understanding and sympathy. I couldn’t help but smiling a lot.

Then we watched a Finnish movie with Finnish subtitles (Pelikaanimies) in the afternoon yesterday. It was a movie for children, so it was quite bright. I could understand about 70-80% the Finnish in it, which made me all the more excited. Definitely something to be happy about.

It was a totally opposite feeling when I watched Gran Torino in the Film Club in the afternoon today. It was undoubtedly a worth watching movie, just not my type. When it came to the ending part, I tried hard to hold back my tears. It’s like all the things that are worth watching/reading now are all sad and depressing. They keep coming one by one like pattern, while I’m trying hard to avoid anything which has the ability to pull down my mood.

Good that I talked to Hang and Linh and Doina (3 of my 4 closest friends!) in the evening, and it helps with lifting my mood a lot. Next plans for upcoming weekends contain lots of fun!

Wore this bracelet today. I’m casting a positive spell on myself.


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