There are things I don’t mind having more of.

. Like freedom, and peace.

. So Effy went in the early morning. But she has with her the hugs and the wishes for her to come back. It’s not too sad in the end, is it?

. Olga and Vlad didn’t seem to be affected at all with the fact that they’re also leaving soon. They did everything calmly as normal. Made me feel lighter that way. Let’s smile and move on.

. Dreamed of Ngoc and Phat (FH), don’t know why. Something about the floral dress, a secondhand shop, a Finnish TV station. Non-related random things went well together in dreams.

. My mood today was good. The class, the shopping in supermarkets with Sofia, the dinner with Ui, the relaxing feeling. Trouble-free mind for a while. Things will be all right.

. Watching another movie of Im Soo Jeong was nice, although the Eng sub was horrible. Hopefully a good version of the sub will come out someday. I would gladly watch it again. Im Soo Jeong – she’s an actress I like so very much.

Im Soo Jeong, in All About My Wife.


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