Peaceful Sunday.

The room was organized and cleaned up. The bang was cut and the hair was moisturized. The face was freshened up with yogurt mask. Some sort of stories was shared with Mette. The very first sock was completed with help from Sofia. Several episodes of The Big Bang Theory were watched, also with Sofia’s companion (fun, fun, fun ~). The dinner was spent with Ui and Khoa. Ui cooked really fast (rice with chicken and eggs plus ketchup, which looked delicious), she finished her meal fast, and she washed the dishes fast, too. It’s like she does everything neatly and easily. Khoa joined in with his usual way of mixing up between positiveness and negativeness. Nothing was particularly great but everything felt peaceful.

The persimmon was sweet. The clementine was not any less amazing. It’s a happy fruit. Its smell spread in the air, leaving a sense of brightness on the soul.

And Bu Bu Jing Xin made me want to fall in love.

: )

The very first sock, finished with help from Sofia. ❤


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