*”Someone will answer you”.

Khoa told us about the news of a study “Tall and beautiful women earn more” so we discussed it in class. Although I don’t consider myself to be in the category which I feel like being treated unfairly because of my appearance, it’s still quite sad.

Rolken came back to Lärkkulla in the evening and she will stay until tomorrow. It’s great to meet and talk to her again. And hugs, of course. ❤

I found a better version of the Eng sub for All About My Wife, so I watched it again. Liked it just like the first time.

I liked Im Soo Jeong’s hugs with the main actor in this movie. It always felt warm and full of grace. She was adorable, too, especially at the dancing part.

I will go to sleep early today. Feeling comfortable.


*Quote from All About My Wife.

❝No one ever truly knows another person. So keep talking to them.

Just keep talking. Someone will answer you.❞


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