New and old.

. Inspired by Im Soo Jeong’s character in All About My Wife, I tried speaking only Finnish during dinner. I ended up not speaking nearly at all ~ Maybe because of that, we had things to laughed at though.

. Ui’s reaction when Khoa played with the candle was really cute! : D

. I like coffee afternoon with Ui and Zoe.

. A couple of days ago, I saw two people on facebook posted about friendship bracelets at the same time. What a coincidence. I remembered how much I was good at it and how much fun it brought me during my secondary school period, so I decided to pick it up again. Let’s see how it goes. At least my very first pair of socks is going to finish soon (it’s amazing how much faster I knit this second sock compare to the first one!). I was thinking of asking Sofia to teach me how to knit gloves, but that needs more consideration of colors and yarns first.

Lovin’ doing these things.

Embroidery threads for making friendship bracelets. Not the type I remember using before, but I guess these work just as well.


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