. Got to know this word while reading The Fault of Our Stars. Didn’t know why I started reading this book on laptop instead of a real book out here. But it was a good choice anyway. At first I had the feeling of reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower again, because it was depressing as hell but I couldn’t stop. Good that it got brighter and cuter gradually. Sometimes it even made me laugh out loud. At some point, I knew already it would be in my list of favorite books although I haven’t finished reading it yet.

. Mette moved to the 2nd floor and I was sad. Of course it should be like that since she’s a music student and moving upstairs to be with other music students is a natural thing. At least she’s not leaving the school. But still… I should stop being sad when people I like don’t get to stay with me.

. Khoa suddenly told me in the morning that I seem to be strong. Brought my thought straightly to the most current devastating period, how I was crying throughout and how I ran away from it since it was too exhausting and emotional-draining, and how much help I got from my family and friends and even psychologist to get through and heal. Hm : ). I just kept going, because there was no other ways. Maybe it was some sort of being strong, too, I don’t know. It takes a lot of effort to live on. The most important thing is to remember there’s a connection between me and this life. Don’t lose it.


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