. Yeah, I take the word from The Fault in Our Stars again. Simply because it fits.

. The day was basically filled with two movies.

We watched the first one in Finnish class. It was a Finnish movie with Finnish subs. Unlike last time, this movie was much harder to understand the words, so was the story line. I wouldn’t mind it much since I have enough patience with the language. What made me have bad feeling with the movie was actually the main character: a writer. It reminded me of another movie with a famous singer, they both have one thing in common which I don’t have the ability to tolerate: cheating on their wives. The writer in this movie was even worse, because other than cheating on his wife, he even had sex with a girl and made her pregnant, then offered to pay for the child and brushed the responsibility off his shoulders. If the movie is close to how it happened in real life, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to read his books.

I watched the second movie in Film Club. Nick let us choose which one we wanted to see, so it came out pretty nice. Its name was Trading Places. It was cozy, being inside watching a fun movie with friends while the wind was all the time blowing strongly, sweeping the snow off the roof. I was holding a flower pot the whole time since it was really pretty.

. Now we know why Kirill has been sad recently. Wanted to give him a hug, but I could only rub lightly on his arm a little bit and said I’m sorry.

We never know what other people are going through. So be kind, always.

. Mette was using the piano in the library, so I asked her for me to practice a little bit during the break between classes. She said the song I was playing (Mighty Moose/Harppova Hirvi) was sad, it made her want to cry. I was actually thinking the same when I played it, then I told myself a gentle and beautiful song doesn’t equal with a sad one. But it turned out that another person shared the same feeling with me. How nice. Wondering why imagining a moose walking proudly in the falling white snow could be so sad.

. Khoa and Munin both want to learn knitting socks. Seems like the knitting club is born.


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