In balance.

. Ui left today. We said “Matane!” (またね = See you again! in Japanese) just like we normally did, which helped me feel lighter because it was as if we could meet again tomorrow. We hugged, too. I wished her a safe trip home, and suggested we keep in touch.

. I told Zoe I was sad, and she said she understood.

: )

How comforting…

. There was one moment when I suddenly missed how our class Jatkosuomi used to be a lot. I missed how I was totally lost at the beginning of the course and then gradually understood what was going on. I missed the small room that was filled with “us”. I missed the active discussions. I missed the invisible tie.

. I guess to make up for all the emotional loss, I received the early Christmas gift from Munin. It’s a knitted green bag for the phone. Totally and absolutely adorable. ❤


. Feeling rather tired but/and comfortable. I think I used up a lot of energy on trying to use Finnish. There’s a mall reward which gave me encouragement though: Maija seemed to trust me on speaking Finnish in Alkeissuomi. Felt pretty nice. And proud, a little bit. At least I could stop beating myself up with self-criticism for a little while.


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