. I went to “my heaven in Karjaa” yesterday with Munin. I decided I will still try to knit a pair of socks for Linh before she goes out of Finland again and who knows whether she will be back or even be back at all. The yarn I chose was a shade of green which was mixed with yellow and blue. Can’t really describe how beautiful it is. Munin liked it, too. She said the color made her happy.

. Tsuri let me knew that a band I “introduced” was great. I posted one of their videos on facebook, he got to know them, and he liked it. Made me happy.

. I squeezed my time quite tight but still managed to be on track on cooking and having dinner, going to sauna, and going to Lärkkulla pop&rock gig in Norris pub. It was a great night. I liked seeing them being so happy and lively on stage. I liked the instruments and how they played it. I liked their voices and how they made the songs all their own differences.

I took photos during the time, too. Not satisfied, as always, but it’s still good to see some people use them as their profile pictures. Another thing to be happy.

. It was a pity but I had to leave early. However, the snow was falling gracefully when Sofia and I went outside. For the good mood we had, probably it was an additional reason.

. I took an early train and a bus to go to Valkeakoski today. It had been a long time. Didn’t plan to meet many people, just the ones I really wanted to meet.

I started knitting in the train. The man who checked for tickets smiled when he saw it. Maybe the color made him happy, too.

Couldn’t resist sleeping in the bus. It was a long ride. Whenever I opened my eyes, I saw the endless white everywhere. The trees were white, the ground was white, the sky was white. The lake was also white, alluringly. Then there was a glimpse of light pink which spread lightly at the horizon, pleasantly warm.

. It feels kind of weird now that we’re here in Nhung and Phat’s room but they’re not here. Miss the good old time much…

. Linh and Duong fed me well. ^^




. “Genuine”. Often think about this word recently, and often it comes with “happy”. : )


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