It was around noon already when Duong and I were back from Tampere. Duong went nearly straightly to the kitchen to make food. Linh helped her, while I was still trying to finish the first sock for Linh. They made sushi.

A picture of sushi and our secret :")

A picture of sushi and our secret :”)

Afterwards, Duong went to sleep because she had too little sleep previously, Linh went back to her exercises, and I continued with knitting. We were doing different things, but I didn’t feel lonely at all. I think I just needed the feeling of being around these people in that apartment in Valkeakoski. There was something really dear to me in that.

We had hotpot for dinner. Hotpot is one of the best thing in winter. The warmth and good food are to be shared between close people on a cold day.


Then I watched Moonrise Kingdom with Duong (Linh couldn’t let herself do so because she had too many exercises). It was a weird movie.

I went to bed at around 2a.m, when Linh was still doing her exercises and Duong continued with her final thesis. They are night owls.

I slept well, woke up twice knowing vaguely they were crawling on bed : p and fell quickly back to sleep.

Didn’t do much for the next day (today). Woke up, took a bath, washed my hair, had breakfast which was also lunch, then took 2 buses which was in total of more than 4 hours to get back to Karjaa. Hugged Linh twice. Nearly cried on the bus when it was going through Valkeakoski.

Our most beautiful time together passed by. I miss our wild and random : ) youth a lot. Thank you for everything. Now, let’s move on bravely.


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