I don’t normally write about the past year nor the resolution for the new year, mostly because I was with other people doing something most of the time during this period. However, this time, I decided to be completely alone. It is to reflect on myself, to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, and to gain more energy for the new year to come.

In 2012, I…

. got out of the worst drama in my 23 years of living. It affected me awfully badly, and my words can’t describe how happy I am to be able to step out of it myself.

. learned to value my family and my friends more than ever. If there’s any good thing about that “catastrophe”, it has to be this. My family doesn’t have to understand me. Whenever I turn to them, they are always there firmly without forcing me to do anything, and it’s the most precious thing in the world. My friends are the sweetest. They are truly the “siblings God forgot to give” me. They are the luckiest encounters in my life.

. took the risk and moved to Karjaa to study Finnish. There were bad times and there were good times, but there was one thing for sure that I did not regret this decision ever at all. It was one of the best things that happened to me this year. All the new people I met, all the new things I learned (not only Finnish, but also knitting and playing piano – these 2 in particular), all the new experiences I went through, they were brilliant.

. didn’t have to go to the health care center nor hospital. Just WOW! It broke the record of me visiting those places every single year for 5 years in a row.

. had a beautiful summer. Delivered newspapers, spent time with a happy person and a “vô cùng láo lếu” bunny. Slept a lot, ate a lot, played poker and other card games a lot. Read Hoa Tư Dẫn and Bu Bu Jing Xin. Watched A Gentleman’s Dignity and Bu Bu Jing Xin. Listened to Monster (Big Bang), Only One (BoA), Midnight (Beast), Bu Bu Jing Xin OST, A Gentleman’s Dignity OST, and a whole lot of IU’s songs.

In 2013, I will…

. go to bed at 10p.m and wake up at 6a.m. If the situation doesn’t allow it, then sleeping time of 11p.m to 7a.m is good, too. Practice some basic movements every morning. Stay away from the laptop at least one hour before bedtime.

. eat 3 meals per day. Try to eat everything on tray. Think everything is delicious and “I can do this”.

. study 2 hours of Finnish other than studying time in class. Seriously, and no disruptions e.g. emails, facebook, tumblr, Pinterest.

. hold one conversation in Finnish per day.

. read one news in Finnish per day. Learn the new words from it.

. read one book in Finnish per month.

. get at least 3 in YKI test.

. write final thesis. Graduate from HAMK.

. get a job. Earn some income by myself.

. talk to family and friends at least once per week.

. learn to play Comptine d´un autre été: l´après midi and November.

. learn how to knit mittens.

. read one book (non-Finnish) per month.

. watch one episode (drama) during weekdays and one (or two) movie(s) during weekends.

. go out more often. Once per day.

I might forget if this list gets too long, so this is it for now. Basically, it’s for both my mental and physical health, and for the relationship with people who matter. It’s easier to follow with small and clear points than big and vague ones.

2013, I’m ready to embrace you with full of hope for goodness to come.


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