Some first times.

. Eating Pho in Wrong. I think next time I will stick with Shrimp Ramen.

Pho and another bottle of Little Miracles (can't really see from the picture but it's green! : D)

Pho and another bottle of Little Miracles (can’t really see from the picture but it’s green! : D)

. Buying train ticket by using automatic machine at the railway station (everything was green there!).

Then there were some other things which were not for the first time, but I felt happy. After meeting with many people at Wrong (especially glad to meet Mikko K., Dean, Matti, and Antti), I went to Vietnamese store with Mikko K.. It was nice talking to her. On the way from there to railway station, I was going through a handful of shops (Esprit, Vero Moda, Seppälä, Gina Tricot) to find a white basic top to make up for the Mango one I lost. There wasn’t any satisfying one, which was surprising. But I found a red sweater which wasn’t my size not flattering but it made me happy so I bought it with 5€. Or was it because the whole thing of 5€-red-sweater-which-made-me-look-rather-funny that made me happy? Anyway. I went to Posti to send the pair of socks to Linh but it was so crowded that I gave up the idea. I can try again with Karjaa post office. Lidl was next to it so I also went there to buy minced meet for Duong. Then I realized I should try on Flora by Gucci so I went back to Stockmann. I thought I was done and was walking towards the bus stop when I realized I needed to buy train ticket to Karjaa. Even if I didn’t draw a map, I knew I was going through an X or more like an awareness ribbon symbol.

I have the feeling that I start babbling…

: D

It’s bedtime!

Oh, one more thing. Have to mention this. I coincidentally met the-cute-passenger again in the bus. Thanks to him, I got off at the right bus stop. ^^


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