Some sweetness in the mailbox and more.

. Received Ieva’s card from Latvia. Still remember she was one of the first persons I wrote admiration letter to. ❤

. Got the Kitty Cat Mary Jane shoes. Found it to look a lot like Jiji in Kiki’s Delivery Service (which was my most favorite anime from Studio Ghibli). What else? It has green and red and pink – all go together with black. Definitely love.

. Got the Fairydrops Perfect Makeup Set when it went on discount. It really came at the right time. I was running out of mascara and BB cream, plus I had always wanted to try its puff mineral powder (I bought my current Nivea powder like 6 years ago. The risk of keep putting it on my face was a bit high).


. Maija’s outfit was nice. She had a red cardigan with embroidery flowers. She wore a dress and Mary Jane shoes. She looked especially cute when she held a bunch of papers (our homework!) close to her chest and smiled at us cheerfully. : D

I wanted to take a picture with her but I forgot the camera in my room.

. The idea of taking a walk popped up randomly at dinner, and it turned out to be pretty cool. Mette and I walked in no planned route, we just walked and decided at the crossroads which turn we should take. Then Karjaa appeared to be much prettier than usual. Love love love the walk and the talk and all, seriously.

. Bloglovin’ included two blogs entries in one email, one was delightful and the other was helpful.

. Maybe I should put up a sign “You can sit with me. No, you don’t bother me.”.


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