We (initially there were Erik, Khoa, Oanh, and I. Quan joined soon later) decided to make a snowman today. It was entertaining, for both people who were doing it and people who were passing by and watched. Well, must be more for the second group, because later on I got to know that at least Erik and Khoa didn’t believe we could make it. Obviously it was more difficult than we imagined. We started at around 3:30p.m and finished everything at around 5:30p.m. It only got much easier when Edgars came. His question was “Is this the first time you guys make a snowman?”. Yep. Then Kirill also came, together with 2 Siberian kids. People with experience clearly made a difference. The end-result was satisfying. From the Dining Hall, we could see people taking pictures of it. How proud.

Another first time: making a snowman.

Another first time: making a snowman.

The moment I liked the most during the day was, however, when I sat in the kitchen, reading The Remains of the Day (Kazuo Ishiguro), and listening to the familiar-but-cannot-remember-the-name music coming from the studio downstairs. Jatkosuomi students were not allowed to take Alkeissuomi lessons anymore, so I suddenly had some unplanned free time. And this afternoon was unexpectedly comforting. In the hazy light of a winter afternoon, the book was hilarious, the music was good, and I found myself to be pleasantly happy right then and there. That moment wasn’t to be captured by camera. I could only feel, and inhaled it to my every atoms.


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