We had a long study day. It was tiring, so I was more than happy to move on to playing games in class and then having afternoon tea together with apple pie afterwards. I was in the process of knitting the 4th pair of socks while talking to Kasia and Oanh. Then Kasia went to fix the snowman and it was quite funny. Today it happened to be another fluttering moment during afternoon coffee time, but still I couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed. : )

I went for a walk after taking out the trash and picking up dried clothes from the drying room. It was getting dark by then. I was walking on the same road I walked on many times, thought about a fresh morning when I woke up early and witnessed a vast and beautiful view under the sunshine, about two autumn afternoons when I walked with people I met here, about how we talked and laughed. Everything had changed so fast. I kept on walking. At some point, my iPod randomly chose It’s Cold (Epik High ft. Lee Hi). I didn’t know its name nor lyrics at that time, but listening to it by headphones while walking alone on the vast space of soft snow inevitably made me feel melancholy. It wasn’t bad though. I was strangely at ease.

I think I have come to love this place a lot. It feels like another home.


“If I touch anything, it freezes so I’m afraid to hold your hand
Because if you come close to me, your heart might catch a cold too”
– It’s Cold (Epik High ft. Lee Hi) lyrics, translated by


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