Dérive Day.

I got to know about Dérive Day from Linh. Basically it’s a day for people who join to go out and explore their cities by doing the given tasks from a set of cards. I don’t have a smartphone so I just downloaded the 38-card set, wrote them down, and used them randomly along the way whenever I saw fit.

It was interesting. I’m afraid of getting lost in the cold so I didn’t go out of the zone I knew already, but it was fun to do something new for the old. I paid more attention to things around me, I saw more, I listened more. What a pity I couldn’t complete all the cards because of the cold (happened just like how Linh predicted : D) and because of the nature of Finland (it doesn’t sound quite right… I mean the empty roads, no traffic lights, the obvious weirdness when I started following people, and so on), but overall it was a nice experience indeed.

Oh, and guess what I took picture of with the card “find your favorite building”. : )

It’s Lärkkulla. ^^


A tree I have always wanted to take picture of.


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