End up where I’m supposed to.

Mom and Thang Long. <3

Mom and Thang Long. ❤

. Thang Long/Samuel has been growing up so fast. I could see it clearly every Sunday. It feels like he’s not small anymore, although his cheeks get chubbier. What a strange feeling.

. I decided to buy an iPod Nano. My current iPod doesn’t work anymore, and it doesn’t seem worth it to try to fix it (it lasted for about 5 years already). Talking about “worth”, there was the question of whether it’s worth it for me to buy an iPod Nano. It does seem more reasonable to buy a smartphone which obviously includes mp3 player function. But I don’t know which one I like the most, one of the Lumias or the Nexus 4. I can’t decide and honestly I can’t afford to buy any of them anyway. My life has been okay without a smartphone, so I suppose I can live on normally like that. It gets much more difficult without a mp3 player. And I know it has to be iPod. I’m just so used to how incredibly long the battery lasts. I have high appreciation for it. I can overlook how uncomfortable it is for me to use Apple products simply because of the battery life. That’s even more reason to not combine mp3 player and phone. What if I get lost somewhere in the cold and my phone runs out of battery because I listen to music? It’s a big no no. And iPod Nano has red, with the acceptable capacity of music I can put in (2GB from iPod Shuffle is too little). Plus I can engrave my personalized text on the back of the iPod for free, and shipping for free. For now, I’m happy with my decision.

. Spending time with other Vietnamese students in the common room of our floor actually turned out to be pretty fun. Hopefully we can keep up our high spirit.

. It was another beautiful day.

Little by little…

this place holds my heart now.


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