Counting blessings.

. It felt like we set up the trend of squeezing as many people as possible to the small tables, leaving all the big tables empty. It was fun to look at : D. And cozy.

. I was at the windows, feeling the sunshine on my skin, while eating an orange. Peaceful.


I like this kind of orange which I can peel the cover easily like peeling mandarin. Plus it’s better be sweet, of course. ^^

. Pati taught me some more about D major and D minor and C7 today, and I got more practice with the flat notes. It was great. I’m quite clumsy but Pati is patient and she encourages me a lot. ❤

. Mette, Aurora, and Tika made the sauna much livelier than usual. Got some energy and inspiration from them (e.g. “It’s better to sing than sing well” -Tika). And the rosy cheeks remain to be one of the most favorite from sauna.

. By the full-of-sunshine window. At the library.

. I wish I could be more considerate and thoughtful.


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