Getting cozy.

Smiley Chi ~

Smiley Chi ~

I’m now in so-called Mike’s room because my room (along with my schoolmates’ rooms) is needed for a conference that is being held. I share the room with Oanh and Dasha, and it’s actually quite cozy. I can also still use the kitchen at our floor, which is good. I always like familiar things. Then I wondered how hard it will be when I have to leave this place in May. But well, let’s enjoy the moment first.

Today’s favorite time was lunch. Katariina sat with me and Kasia at the table close to the heater and the sun was shining on us. It felt nice. Then I was in the second floor talking to Nick and ask about Film Club (about whether we would have it today or not, and how about Brave) when Kasia said she had to talk to me. It was a surprise, as well as a distraction during class. In a good way.


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