I am happy.


Got a hug from a lovely person. Getting back to my room. Seeing the person I am fond of for some moments. Talking to my family, and it was great to know all of us are in good health. The food from dinner was too much but then its leftover was made to be a super delicious and warm snack at night (it activated my hunger in the middle of the night again! >.<). Watching Jenna Marbles being cool in her videos although she swears a lot, and reading her descriptions actually made me smile and laugh even (“then kiss your cat for me but then also give him a little mini slap in the face for me and say, I know your plotting to destroy the earth don’t think we don’t know your fucking plan you furry terrorist. But then give him a little scratch on his chin because I know he likes it and give him some catnip so he can at least get all fucked up and act like he’s in space. It’s the least you can do for me. Hope your new years resolutions are going well, I didn’t even make one which ensures success.”).

I guess happiness, just like courage, doesn’t need to be shouted out.


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