“… but then not having.”*

I was having a mild fever yesterday and the throat was sore. I did all I could to prevent it from getting worse (drank warm lemon tea with honey at meals, wore scarf, drank Hot Panadol, drank warm and fresh orange juice, and kept myself warm the whole time), so I was more than glad to see that I’m getting back to normal state. Actually I thought of not going to class because I was still a bit tired and I wanted to recover totally soon, but I came anyway and it was great to see how enjoyed I was. It hasn’t been easy to study alone because sometimes my mind just goes blank and I can’t understand words. It’s better to listen in class because I understand more that way.

I was with Kasia at meals, with Katariina and Eva during afternoon coffee, with Oanh and Khoa to study a bit together before dinner, and being alone at some point to just listen to music from my new beloved iPod, sitting on a ledge where they put all the plants of the floor, waving my feet in the air and singing along the songs even if I don’t remember any lyrics completely. And Mikko has also been trying to stick with chatting in Finnish to me. All the moments made me happy.

One particular thing made me sad though, because I would never think of myself as a person so provocative that scares people away. I’m sorry if I do… At least, now I can move on.


: )

Known from: and love tells us, humming @ tumblr .

Known from: and love tells us, humming @ tumblr .


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