The absence of a person made me bewildered. Obviously I have the talent to always manage to sink myself into the lowest mood possible in critical periods.

Sometimes it’s not about whether it’s worth it or not, about whether it’s logical or not. I just can’t help it, that is all.

Let’s see if tomorrow I can get hold of myself to invest the energy to other beneficial things. Talking to Jussi and Katariina gave me some ideas.

Oh, there was something fun today. It was when I was sitting with 4 other people at one table near one door of the Dining Hall. I saw Kasia taking tea and bun, then she put them on a table near her and started running to the other door of the room. At that point I knew her direction was to my room so I quickly said sorry to other people, took my stuffs away, and ran after her. I don’t know why but I found it very funny and cute. I think I’m getting used to her way of knocking on my door.

: )


I’m sorry I thought you could save me, heal me.


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