I did it.

It was a long day. We watched a Finnish movie in class in the morning, then we had lesson with Sari in the afternoon since Maija was in Jyväskylä for the YKI test. After that I did something I was so scared of with the help of Kasia. I wanted to run away the moment it started, but I couldn’t abandon her of course : D. It’s kind of funny to imagine it to be like in manga, that when she turned back to look for me, “bling”, I was not there anymore. She would kill me if I ran away for real though :”). Then I was in the center mostly to return a book to the library, and I bought some food for the weekend by the way. I started making food right away with my Vietnamese friends when I was back. Our Vietnamese New Year is tomorrow but Khoa would be away for work in Helsinki so we decided to have the party already today. We made food like crazy and luckily it wasn’t too much later than planned. Some people couldn’t come (I was a bit sad that Sofia and Katariina couldn’t make it) so we had 21 people in total. It seemed they liked the food, they had fun. That’s all that mattered. I would have wanted to invite the music students, too, but our ability is limited. We tried what we could. I was pretty tired by the time I got to the kitchen to clean up there. How comforting it was to receive a hug and “Chi, you’re the best” from Kasia before she left. All the tiredness is worth it, for these memories to be made.

The title from UncommonGood newsletter this time is “Don’t Miss Out On Love”. It’s understandable since Valentine is coming. It’s just funny how it fits to my situation, although I’m not in any relationships.


I’m a bit uneasy though. My sensitivity has been right most of the time, and there’s something I can’t define that bothers me about the situation today. Well, but at least I tried my best so I won’t regret.


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