I was with Kasia, Katariina, Mette, and Ina at breakfast, then with Kasia, Katariina, and Sofia at lunch, with Kasia and Katariina at coffee afternoon, and with Kasia, Ina, and Edgars at dinner. Apparently there’s a pattern here. Had to mention this because I like these people who I sat with. They made me comfortable. Once in a while, we had really funny jokes like “pilot vs. pirate”, or “liquorice and black tooth”.

I feel bad because I was not there 100% though. There’s this stubborn thought about one person that sometimes it makes me blush (unbelievable! Don’t even remember if I have ever had this reaction to anyone : |) and happy, and sometimes it makes me doubtful. I kept asking myself what it is that I really want, whether I would have done it any other ways, and what’s the meaning of all these if “everything happens for a reason”.

Well, I guess I should just try my best so I won’t regret anything. And who knows, maybe tomorrow I will know better.


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