There’s a difference between resting during the week and resting during the weekend. During the week, although I know I should rest as much as I need, there’s still a sense of guilt following throughout. Only now that the weekend has come and so do the holiday, I could let myself being more relaxed. I was able to sleep a lot, even left the food for lunch for later and went to sleep because I was having a headache and I just wanted to go to sleep. It was better afterwards. I was more awake, I was loving my room, and I was loving my life. : D

Then I went to the center in the afternoon. I sent the pair of socks to Linh again, hopefully this time it will reach her safely. The cashier kept talking to me in English although I talked to him in Finnish, which made me wonder whether could it ever be so that he’s practicing his English just like I’m practicing Finnish. Well, just an odd idea to replace my usual thinking that people still prefer talking to me in English. That’s why I really like it when one of the cleaning ladies here in Lärkkulla kept talking to me in Finnish. I think she tries to speak as slowly and clearly as she can because she knows I’m learning. It was very funny at one time though when she gradually speed up as she talked. She didn’t notice it I suppose. Good that I understood everything.

Let’s see if I’m still able to sleep tonight after how much I slept today.

The helper.

The helper.

I especially miss one person. Should have agreed when Kasia said she could take a picture.


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