Nothing much but a sunny day.

I got up at 6a.m again. Now that I think about it, it might be good actually because the school will start again tomorrow. I just need to go to sleep earlier, yep.

So I went for a walk like I would normally do during school days. When I passed by the church, I saw the fog floating over the lake area. It was pretty much the same when I got back, so I decided to quickly come back to my room and grab my camera. Best decision I made for the day.

Best moment of the day was when I turned my head to the other side of the bed so my feet could be warmed by the radiator. Although the temperature was not very low, I stayed outside for too long (reminded me of the time when Linh could easily explained to other people why it took me so long to walk from my place to Pajutie). The cold remained even after I went indoor. My fingers and toes were cold, and I was trembling every now and then. Then everything was nice and comfortable and relaxing. And I had some photos which captured how miraculous this morning was.

I took some more photos when the sun was setting. I like the light pink when the sun was just a little bit above the horizon, as well as the rainbow which gradually spread horizontally from red to deep blue when the sun couldn’t be seen anymore but its magic lingered.

Now I need to sleep to get ready for the intensive week.







Minua jännittää, koska tapaan sinut uudelleen huomenna. Toivottavasti, että minä en pakene kuten aina.


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