. Our class went to the center to buy ingredients in the morning and cooked while playing games in the afternoon. We also borrowed some Finnish books for each of us from the library, to read and to tell the stories to each other sometime later.


. Talked to my family on Skype. They are the dearest. Even if I have nowhere else to go, I know I can always turn to them.

. Sofia received my gift. She liked it. I’m happy.

. I was “radiantly beautiful” today in a person’s eyes. Thank you. :”)

. Hugged a person like I meant it. I hope it helped you feel better. I really do.

. Thank you for talking to me. I’m glad you were there.

. UncommonGoods newsletter for today has the title of “Light Up Your Day”.

Olin onnellinen, kun juoksit avaamaan lukittu ovi minulle. Mutta en ollut enää varma. Jos sanon että olen valmis päästämään irti nyt, tuletko surullinen? Toivottavasti tulet.


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